Regular public meetings: These are ongoing contracts to record public meetings such as the Tillamook County Commissioners, Tillamook City Council and Rockaway Beach City Council.

Programming featuring speakers, events, presentations, etc.  This is your opportunity to expand your audience and allow people not able to attend the actual event to be involved.  Important information becomes available to everyone.  Presentations and awards are publicly acknowledged and can be viewed by friends and family anywhere.   The production cost averages $275.  You could include this in your event budget or you can seek sponsors who will be acknowledged in the program credits.
Special documentaries or promotional/educational videos are priced individually and serve to inform viewers about services such as “The Wave -Tillamook County Transportation” and “The Multi-Modular Preschool Exams” or organizations like “The Marie Mills Center” and “Tillamook County United Way”.
“Let’s Talk . . . with Van Moe” is an interview program featuring people making a difference in Tillamook County.  Interviews are conducted by Tillamook’s own, Van Moe (2009 Oregon Broadcaster of the Year).  Sponsorship:  $50 per week  (billed @5 weeks in advance) still picture with voiceover beginning and end of program “local business sponsor listing with web site link”
TRAVEL 101 (the highways & byways of Tillamook county)
A program featuring places/activities of interest in Tillamook County.
Sponsorship: $40 per week (billed @5 weeks in advance)
still picture with voiceover beginning and end of program
“local business sponsor listing with web site link” on tctvonline
Community Organizations
A special section on tctvonline with a 30-60 sec. video introduction re: services provided by your organization with a link to your website.This is a dynamic video directory of services available in our county. 
Cost:$50 per month (6 month min.)
Local Businesses
A special section on tctvonline introducing local businesses and featuring a 30-60 sec. video interview about your business with a link to your website.  This is where we can meet the people who are willing to take the risk to invest in our community. 
Cost:$50 per month (6 month min.)
Let’s work together to support an informed and involved community.
Jane Scott Video Productions announces the launching of tctvonline. As a local television station, tctvonline will
provide extensive, high quality video programming over the internet. 

What will tctvonline offer?

· Access to information from special meetings and presentations
· Keep local government transparent through recording public meetings
· Showcase local personalities and events
· Present Tillamook County history
· Display the scenic beauty of Tillamook County
· Offer introductions to local businesses and organizations

How can tctvonline serve you?

Make sure your important public meetings and presentations are available for everyone to see.

Consider a promotional video to inform the public about a special issue or the work of your organization.

List your local business or organization to introduce yourself and your services to the public.

I have plans to expand the tctvonline programming lineup.  We begin with the following:  
Artwork by Bev Standish:
Web site: Reneau Graphics
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